Friday, September 20, 2013

Compensate for the missing nutrients, antioxidants and other benefits : use plant powders

      Children who weigh around 25 kg should eat 300 gr of  fresh vegetables daily to support their immune system in  fighting diseases, including the most serious ones later in their life. But rarely modern nutrition meets the standards, not mentioning the toxicity issues, including pesticides etc.        

Plant powders are an excellent source to compensate for the missing nutrients, antioxidants and other benefits. Most don't need pesticide for their cultivation. Sold as powders there is no need keeping the leaves away from insects activities. 

Some are bitter ( often due to antibiotic properties ) and need some strategic step by step introductions in various hides, but some are not and would only add a salty flavor to the dishes and liquids : for instance dried Acanthus ebracteatus and Orthosiphon aristatus ( Java tea, Cats Whisker )  are tropical plants that taste slightly salty, and have huge benefits; - tropical plants evolve in very adverse conditions and many develop efficient anti-disease properties -

They are also extremely cost - effective against the most common vegetables . ( but not always when they are sold in fancy products supported by an expensive marketing )

Acanthus ebracteatus is  anti-inflammatory, antioxidant ; the roots are used as a cough remedy, whole plants as astringent, expectorant, and stimulant. Used against chronic fever, asthma; later in life the plant is active against  inflammation in arthritis and uric acid deposits, hepatitis.
In wound healing Acanthus ebracteatus promotes the formation of new bloods vessels, like Aloe vera the plant helps prevent scar formation. Scientific papers have reported an antitumor activity in mice without chronic toxicity.
Orthosiphon aristatus ( Java tea, Cats Whisker ) : grown throughout Southeast Asia and Australia, traditionally leaves of Java tea have been used as diuretic, and to treat rheumatism, abdominal pain, kidney and bladder inflammation, edema and gout.
The plant is bestowed with high amount of flavones, polyphenols, bioactive proteins, glycosides and vast quantities of potassium.
More than twenty phenolic compounds were isolated. Used to treat renal inflammation, kidney stones and urinary tract infection; renal cleansing.

it has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation action.

Reported ( Sahib et al. 2009 ) to enhance the efficacy of tamoxifen an antagonist of the estrogen receptor in the treatment of hormone-sensitive breast cancer. In other studies the activity against colon cancer and non genotoxicity were demonstrated

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