Thursday, July 4, 2013

Salones de Te and Llajwa : spices in Bolivia

Read in Wikipedia : " Strangely, and very much like the British, Bolivians observe an afternoon tea break. Usually the tea breaks take place around 4 and 5 pm at salones de té' (tea rooms). These tea rooms often double as bakeries so that tea and pastries are enjoyed together. Cups of black tea are usually taken with biscuits such as Galletas Maria. Often, Bolivians drink yerba maté in place of the more common black tea."

Do " salones de te "  and Llajwa (Spicy Bolivian Salsa) contribute to the low cancer rates of Bolivia ?
Read on :
Bolivian recipes include potatoes, which Bolivians love and serve several times per day.. Bolivians use spices like ajíes and peppers in large amounts. They also use the same cooking tools as other people when making foods like lechon, and tools for grinding and spreading the condiments and spices. Bolivia makes use of a multitude of spices in their cooking as they abundant in the country... "

More on the Llajwa , spicy Bolivian salsa

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