Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to assess easily the quality of a dried antibiotic plant in capsule

A natural antibiotic such as Andragrophis panicualta is characteristically bitter on the tip of the tongue. With a bit of experience it is easy to assess the quality of any dried plant in capsule : with your tongue ! This is a great advantage ( but not the only one ) over fake drugs that are not easily detectable.

Information released by investigators linked to INTERPOL suggests that fake drugs may be used in more places than we think, such as European hospitals. The same international police focuses on pharmaceutical crime in Asian countries. In 2013 Thai patients might be treated by up to 50% of fake medcine from all sources ( drug shops, pharmacies but also hospitals ). Some suggest that in 2013 n Russia the rate would be around 20 %. read more :

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