Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My child has a sore throat and refuses to take syrups, what can I do ?

Acanthus abracteatus a plant found in the mangroves of south-east Asia and available at almost all herbal stores in the South East Asian region is one solution ( it is also available at  ) : dried and sold in capsules it is an efficient remedy, versatile, ready to use and cheap. At the onset of the inflammation a bit of a capsule poured in a sweet drink such as a favorite chocolate milk with honey and lemon juice is proven effective by countless uses. Some introduce also curcuma powder to the recipe to add many nutriments and a flavor.


Beyond its activity on sore throat Acanthus ebracteatus has been studied for its effects on tumor angiogenesis and on tumor growth in nude mice implanted with cervical cancer : read more on


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