Monday, June 24, 2013

Herb - infused Honey : is alcohol necessary ?

An elixir ( Wikipedia ) is a "..  hydro-alcoholic solution of at least one active ingredient. The alcohol is mainly used to:
  • Solubilize the active ingredient(s) and some excipients
  • Retard the crystallization of sugar
  • Preserve the finished product
  • Provide a sharpness to the taste
  • Aid in masking the unpleasant taste of the active ingredient(s)
  • Enhance the flavor .. "
Alternatively it is common to replace alcohol with honey as the solvent of dry herbs in a recipe.

Cold infusion is for this the simplest method : place the herbs in a jar, cover them with honey and allow the blend to sit for 2 weeks, then press through a fine mesh strainer. This is slow and can result in a sticky mess hence hot infusion may be preferred : as honey is heated it absorbs flavor faster and becoming thinner it is easier to pour. The hot infusion method is usually done with a double boiler to prevent the honey from burning.

Infused honey stored at room temperature will keep indefinitely, refrigeration would cause crystallization.

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